She is a strong soldier with a serious, military temperment. She is incredibly loyal to Asahi as her superior, but that same loyalty can also incite her stubbornness. Surprisingly, she also has a cute side that loves to collect small, adorable trinkets.
— Website Introduction

Yue Hiiragi is a playable character in Dark Rose Valkyrie and a member of the Valkyrie Force.


A steadfast member of the Valkyrie Force, Yue is basically your standard soldier; unwavering. She spends her free time doing various activities, such as exercise and marksman training. She appears to be a gun collector, as her room is filled with various types of rifles.

Yue also enjoys small, cute items such as trinkets and plushies, which are also found in her room. She also dislikes how her superior is poor in training (e.g marksmanship, etc.).

Her split personality reveals an unstable side of her, which actively seeks company of some sort. In this side, she typically asks Asahi for orders, as she cannot make decisions by herself. She will do anything he asks, taking everything he says seriously even if he means otherwise. However, if revealed to her when she is normal, she will find it absurd that she is incapable of making minor decisions for herself.


Sometime before the events of the game, Yue was Cielo's student. Eventually, he became infected with the virus, and she was forced to kill him. Sometime after that, she was recruited into the newly created Valkyrie Force.

In her true ending, Yue thanks Asahi for helping her return to normal from her time as "Eve", and the two spend time training together. She is disappointed with his laziness but is surprised that he gave her a proposal. She later gives him a kiss, which she states is her response to the proposal.