Victor Franson is a character in Dark Rose Valkyrie and the father of Amal and Coo Franson.


He maintains a serious tone and is rather arrogant towards the younger generation. Victor is shown to try to manipulate events his way, constantly trying to have his daughters discharged so he can have marry them off to give him a male heir.

This has caused both of his daughters to have mixed views on him. Amal believes that Victor is just stressed out from the work he has in his position, and seems to bear no ill will towards him. Coo, on the other hand, dislikes him greatly. Sol considers him to be an incompetent General.


Victor was a decorated General, who eventually took the Minister of Defense position. He was married and wanted to have a son to pass down his legacy, but eventually ended up with two daughters; Amal and Coo. As it happened during the Chimera outbreak, Victor was forced to send them off to battle, as refusing to do so would hurt his name, as the three conglomerates had already sent their children. He tried to discharge them after they served for a while, but was unable to as the Valkyrie System chose them.

Victor eventually heads to the headquarters to see his daughters again, though he is here for both a meeting and an excuse to discharge them. While at the meeting, Chimera forces led by Cielo attack and abduct him. Cielo drags him to the Move Shopping Mall, before teleporting him away to the Ise Manufacturing Plant.

When Valkyrie Force arrives to extract him, he suddenly turns into a Chimera faster than usual. Cielo appears, stating that he is disappointed by the fact that he did not convert into a special Chimera like him and Sol. Cielo has the Chimerized Victor attack the Force, though he is eventually defeated. Before he dies, he tells his daughters to run.