The Director of the covert military agency known as ACID. He oversees several Anti-Chimera units in the division, including Valkyrie Force. His ability to remain calm under massive amounts of chaos is remarkable.
— Website Introduction

Taiki Shinohara is a character in Dark Rose Valkyrie.



Taiki is first seen when Asahi is brought into headquarters. He tells him about the history of the Chimera Virus and appoints him as the captain of the Valkyrie Force, an experimental unit, and an experimental TCS known as the Valkyrie System. He tells him that one of its side effects include a split personality, which is one of the symptoms of the virus, and warns that there will be a day when he must discern between the two. He has Miyako serve as Asahi's superior.

When Asahi finds the traitor in the Valkyrie Force, Taiki is informed of the incident. He is both surprised and concerned, but tells him that they must remove all suspicion before the investigation can be completed. Asahi later asks Taiki about the Valkyrie System so he can continue his investigation. Taiki is surprised by the request but helps gather as much information as possible for him.

After killing Cielo, Taiki is questioned by the Minister of Defense. When "Eve" is revealed, he breaks out and meets up with both "Eve" and Sol, revealing his true identity as a Chimera. He also reveals the true purpose of the Valkyrie System, and that he had been searching for "Eve", as he was a male Chimera capable of reproducing.

Asahi and the rest of the Force members later confront him at Kasumi Biological Research Lab. He is surprised that they managed to find the facility, and more surprised by how Asahi knew that he is a clone of Kenichi. He reveals Kenichi's past, and how anger and despair had played a role in the Chimera pandemic. He then states that the first "Eve" did not yield any results, and demands Asahi to hand over the remaining candidates. Asahi flatly refuses, so he prepares to fight him as he is the largest obstacle in his way.

Upon being defeated in his human form, he turns into his Chimera form. Despite being assisted by several lesser Chimera and his immense strength, he is eventually defeated again. Back in his human form, he attempts to finish off Asahi but finds out that he has reached his limit and is starting to disappear. Before vanishing completely, he allows Asahi to take the research notes from the facility. In the true ending of the game, it is also implied that he gives Asahi the recipe for the Chimera medicine, as the first "Eve" eventually returns to normal.