On the surface, he's a charmer who jokes around a little too often. Contrary to popular opinion, however, he is a reliable member of Valkyrie Force. He's mindful and concerned for his team in the way a dependable older brother might be.
— Website Introduction

Naoyuki Kazami is a playable character in Dark Rose Valkyrie and a member of the Valkyrie Force.


Naoyuki often makes lewd jokes and has a slightly perverted mind. Most of his time is often spent in the balcony, where he has a good view of women below him. He can get along well with people who have the same mindset as him. He is rather reluctant to serve, knowing that men are more likely to be infected by the Chimera virus compared to women, though he does not reveal his reason for doing so.

He dislikes going on missions without women, calling it "charmless" and even asks his superior to crossdress to bring some excitement to cheer him and Kengo up, though he quickly changes his mind.