As the Commander and Asahi's direct superior, she is often seen as strict. Her subordinates sometimes even fear her. However, underneath the surface, she is kind at heart despite the harsh words she occasionally shares.
— Website Introduction

Miyako Osatani is a character in Dark Rose Valkyrie. She is playable through a DLC pack.


As the website introduction states, Miyako is what one would expect from a superior officer; strict, lecturing Asahi from the start of the game. Ai considers her to be an excellent but somewhat scary officer.

She also has a caring side. When Asahi is forced to make difficult decisions, she reassures him the best she can to remove as much guilt as possible.


Miyako is first seen when Asahi first arrives at the Ichinomiya Military Base. Upon his arrival, Taiki assigns her to be Asahi's superior officer. Her first set of orders for him is to get acquainted with the other members of the Valkyrie Force.

Throughout the game, she continues to give Asahi various missions to complete, mainly pursuing Sol and Cielo whenever they appear.

After the events at the Ise Manufacturing Plant, Miyako notices that all of the groups except Valkyrie Force are being outwitted by the Chimera. She realizes that someone is leaking information and orders Asahi to determine who the traitor is. Upon finding the traitor, she assigns Kana Hazuki to Valkyrie Force to replace the traitor. Despite this, she notices that information is still being leaked and determines that there is another traitor in their midst.

When Sol is captured, Miyako watches Asahi interrogate Sol. After the interrogation, she orders him to investigate the women (barring Kana) to determine who is "Eve". Upon being handed the report and determining who is "Eve", she prepares to dispose of "Eve" for Asahi. Before she is able to do so, Sol breaks out of her holding cell and escapes with "Eve". Upon defeating the Chimera outside the base, she informs Asahi that Sol was seen at Kurehama Base and orders him to pursue her.