As a new member, his energetic nature is his merit. He handles laundry duty as well as several other chores around the base all by himself.
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Kengo Shinohara is a playable character in Dark Rose Valkyrie and a member of the Valkyrie Force.


Despite being the lowest member of the Force, he enjoys serving in any way possible. He admits that he is not the smartest in the group, but excels in manual labor, especially laundry. Most of his time is spent in the laundry room, and he is rather fanatical about it. His energetic nature often leads him to carry more than he could, often causing unintentional accidents to his superior.

Kengo dislikes his father due to several reasons. He has a fair sense of duty, refusing to retire when his father asks him to because it would be cowardly when everyone else is risking their lives. He also reveals that his father tried to elope with another woman but failed, so he dislikes how his father discarded her after he was born.


A member of the Shinohara family, one of the three conglomerates (and soon to be its heir), he was selected for the Valkyrie Force, which excited him.

He is first seen when Asahi walks around headquarters to get acquainted with the members of the Force. Upon entering the laundry room, Kengo tells Asahi to move out of the way, before crashing into him with a pile of laundry. He realizes that Asahi is the new captain and apologizes to him for the incident.