A reserve member for Special Force Valkyrie. She also works as a server, and supervises the meals and overall health of the force members. She always takes an extra step in her work to provide food that is not only nourishing, but also deliciously enjoyable.
— Website Introduction

Kana Hazuki is a playable character in Dark Rose Valkyrie and a reserve member of the Valkyrie Force.


Friendly and energetic, Kana helps Asahi with any problems he may face. Not having been deployed for battle until recently, Asahi knows that it is highly unlikely for the Chimera virus to infect her. Luna enjoys her cooking.

She is also intelligent, as she assumed that Sol and Cielo kept luring the Force out to use the Valkyrie System, believing that there was something suspicious with it, and asked Miyako to investigate their appearances with a smaller group.


The lowest ranked member in the Force, she is their only reserve member. While being on reserve, she worked in the cafeteria to oversee the health of the soldiers.

She is first seen in the cafeteria, where she introduces herself to Asahi. When several other female soldiers express skepticism with Asahi, she reassures him that they are just fatigued from battle.

Upon discovering the first traitor, Miyako assigns Kana to replace the traitor. Being a new member and not having any battlefield experience, she is taught how to use the TCS by the other members, quickly getting used to it after a few battles. Kana helps Asahi with his investigation on the Valkyrie System.

When Sol and Cielo are spotted in the Akagi Forest Ruins, she suggests to investigate in a smaller group, believing that they would try to goad the Force into using the Valkyrie System. Her suspicions are true, as they do not find either of them upon arrival.