Contrary to her older twin, Amal, she is quite shy; she dislikes talking to men in particular. Her aptitude for data analysis allows her to act as the brain of the Force. Although she may seem quiet at first, once she opens up her heart, she reveals her elusive smile.
— Website Introduction

Coo Franson is a playable character in Dark Rose Valkyrie and a member of the Valkyrie Force.


As the website introduction suggests, Coo dislikes speaking with men. This is most likely due to her father who kept trying to discharge them so they could get married. As a result, she is rather reserved. While she has feelings for her superior, her reserved nature makes it rather hard and often tries to change the subject or force Asahi out of her room if she becomes embarrassed.

Coo enjoys reading books, spending her free time reading many of them; in fact, her room is has many shelves filled with books. She is extremely intelligent, being able to formulate plans and can determine if something is off.

In her split personality, she is less reserved, but is much more foul-mouthed, often making snide remarks and viewing everyone as useless, including her superior. Even then, she occasionally has some doubts about whether she can fully speak what she thinks of, believing that it will just be drowned out.


With the rest of the women in the Force, Coo arrives just as Asahi and Ai fend off the last of the Chimera. Asahi takes his time knowing his fellow Force members, including Coo, though she is rather hesitant to speak with him.

When the Force is sent out on their first mission, Asahi is unsure of how to defeat the Chimera leader, initially opting to wait out. Coo has an idea, but not being fond of talking to men, has Amal inform him of the plan. After the mission, Asahi collects feedback from the members, including Coo. She does not offer much feedback, and is happy when he leaves her room.


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