The Chimera are the primary antagonists in Dark Rose Valkyrie. They consist of both human and animals which have been warped by the Chimera virus.


The Chimera outbreak began in 1818 when a meteorite dubbed the "Black Garnet" crashed onto Earth. The Black Garnet was the carrier of the Chimera Virus. All those infected degrade into mindless beasts only interested in causing chaos.

By 1929, the virus had killed 3% of the world's population, with an unknown amount being infected by the virus. A study has proven that men are more likely to be infected compared to women.

One of the symptoms of the virus in its early stages is a split personality.

The Quo Vadis, a Chimera organization, have apparently managed to control the process of Chimerization. With this method, they can create "hybrids", taking the best traits of humans and Chimera. There are very few of these hybrids, as it is still possible for the infected to convert into a normal Chimera. Maintaining a hybridized form requires immense mental strength, as even the slightest bit of hesitation can cause them to turn feral. Taiki had secretly developed medicine to repress Chimera traits, allowing those infected to gradually return back to normal.

The virus can also be tinkered with, as shown with the Valkyrie System. The original virus is unable to allow Chimera to reproduce, while the virus in the Valkyrie System is able to create Chimera capable of reproducing.

Sol and Cielo are examples of hybridized Chimera.

It is also revealed that Chimera cannot reproduce naturally, so Quo Vadis struck a deal with the military with the Valkyrie System, using its data to determine who would be able to reproduce Chimera.

List of Chimera


  • Little Devil
  • Murder Cobra
  • Mad Mantis
  • Nightmare
  • Rush Beetle