A friendly, energetic boy who has the ability to raise everyone's spirits... even if he is a little noisy. He also looks after his twin sister, Coo.
— Website Introduction

Amal Franson is a playable character in Dark Rose Valkyrie and a member of the Valkyrie Force.


Amal is energetic and often pursues habits that boys would do, such as biking and skating. While the dossier states that she is female, she pretends to be a male. This is due to her father wanting to have a son. The other members of the Force respect her wishes and addresses her as such.

She views Asahi Shiramine as an older brother, referring to him as the big brother she never had. It is hinted that she has feelings for him, though she is rather nervous about it. She also seems to dislike hot springs. She also cares greatly for her sister Coo.

In her split personality, Amal fits into the "yandere" stereotype. She wants to spend time with Asahi alone, and will threaten to harm those that get in their way. While disliking anyone that isn't Asahi in this form, she will reluctantly accept them if Asahi tells her to.


Amal is first seen after an unannounced Chimera attack. She is upset by the fact that Ai arrived first, stating that she wanted to save him in the last second in a heroic entry. Coo tells her that there was no way anyone could have predicted the attack. She introduces herself to Asahi and returns to headquarters with him.