She's a rather expressive girl who's the same age as Asahi. Her dependability and thoughtfulness often place her in a more leaderly position among her teammates. Although there are times she may speak her mind harshly, her compassion for her friends is never overshadowed by those moments.
— Website Introduction

Ai Yakumo is a playable character in Dark Rose Valkyrie and a member of the Valkyrie Force.


Ai enjoys both Western and Japanese cultures. She finds herself more relaxed in a Japanese-styled room. She also enjoys calligraphy, spending a good amount of her free time on it. She also cares a great deal for both her allies and innocents.

In her split personality, she is a bit more foul mouthed, showing some dissatisfaction from not being able to do whatever she wants like her sister. Asahi notes she would say things he finds hard to believe.